About us

We are a Polish family company, which has a long tradition of house building. We employ only Polish workers from Podhale with extensive experience in constructing houses and complexes made of natural logs.

The most important for us is the quality of offered material, the experience of our employees, the highest level of service for the most demanding Investors. Our employees have over 20 years of experience in the construction of natural log houses in Podhale and Europe (everybody is from Podhale).

We care about the quality of tree suppliers to maintain first-class quality of material (without blue stains, dead knots, tree harvested only in winter). We rely only on our production and our employees, which allows us to guarantee the highest level of service.

Each investor is treated individually, we also build large area houses out of very complex projects. The process of building a house is very clearly described in each point of the agreement, which allows the investor to know future actions at the very beginning of the cooperation.

On request, the office provide all the photos of our projects, share testimonials and provide detailed information about our constructions. What is important to us is the Investor, their guidelines as well as their privacy, so after completing their dream home they could enjoy the atmosphere of health, relaxation and peace together with their loved ones in their beautiful log home.







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32-020 Kraków - Wieliczka

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